My Son Got To Jam With David Ellefson From Megadeth!


Jesse Bergen and David Ellefson

As many of you know if you’ve been reading my columns here for a while, my son Jesse Bergen has been a student at School of Rock here in Los Angeles, CA, for almost 5 years now. He’s primarily a guitar player, but is also proficient at bass, vocals, and drums. We’re very fortunate…

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Thrashback Thursday: Megadeth- “Tornado of Souls” live 1992


Every thursday we salute the founding fathers of thrash metal. This week it’s Megadeth with a live performance of “Tornado of Souls from 1992. The song originally appears on their amazing album “Rust In Peace (1990). Check out how young they all look! Marty Friedman is one of my favorite guitar players of all time. Check out his solo here and I think you’ll see why…