Black (metal) Friday: Dissection- “Thorns of Crimson Death”


Screw saving the best for last… our first installment of Black (metal) Friday is a stunning performance from the greatest black metal band of them all, Sweden’s Dissection. Filmed in Stockholm on October 30th, 2004 as part of the band’s final tour, this clip appears on the “Rebirth of Dissection” DVD.
In memory of Dissection leader/singer/guitarist Jon Nodtveidt, 1975-2006.

Goatwhore premeire lyric video for “FBS,” the first single from their upcoming album!


New Orleans blackened death metal kings, Goatwhore continue their tradition of brutal, kick-ass metal with yet another song that has a great title and really, really stupid lyrics. “Fucked By Satan” is to be the first single from their highly anticipated sixth album, Constricting Rage of the Merciless.
Have you ever seen the episode of South Park where they lampoon Family Guy by saying that the plots are chosen by dolphins pushing balls with random phrases to the surface? I swear, Goatwhore must use a similar technique for their lyric writing, because it all just seems to be random blasphemous phrases thrown together haphazardly. Don’t get me wrong, I loves me some good old-fashioned blasphemy, but for the Antichrist’s sake, please reference the Behemoth playbook and tell a story or something that makes some sense guys!
Having finished that rant, all that I can say is the track is killer otherwise, featuring a ton of tasty riffs from Sammy Duet. I look forward to hearing the rest of the album!
Constricting Rage of the Merciless will be available worldwide July 8th via Metal Blade Records

Arch Enemy- “You Will Know My Name”


Arch Enemy are making a full-on push for their upcoming album “War Eternal.” They have released 2 official videos and one lyric video already and the album doesn’t even release until June 10th. The album is the first to feature the former singer of The Agonist, Alissa White-Gluz, who is taking over the mic from Angela Gossow. So far, this record sounds like it’s going to kick serious ass. Can’t wait to hear it in full.

Arch Enemy “War Eternal” available worldwide through Century Media Records June 10th.

Massive Metal (belated) Monday: Diamond Head- “Lightning to the Nations”


All day yesterday, I thought it was Sunday. I had to work anyway, so it did not feel like a holiday Monday. So, I hope you’ll forgive my tardiness with my Massive Metal Monday shout out.

When I was growing up in rural Indiana in the early 80′s, there was very limited access to heavy music. These were the days before MTV blew up with the whole hair metal, Headbangers Ball phenomenon. But on Sunday nights, there was a two hour radio show that came from WOXY, the radio station of Miami University, just across the state line in Oxford Ohio. It was called “Massive Metal for the Masses” and I would wait all week for it to air. It was through this show that I was introduced to bands like Venom, Bathory, WASP, Michael Schenker Group, Slayer and countless others. This is my tip of the hat to that show. I call it “Massive Metal Mondays.” Every week, I pay tribute to defining moments by the artists that laid the groundwork for heavy metal to become the worldwide cultural bond for all of us metalheads. So, without further delay I give you Diamond Head’s “Lightning to the Nations,” the title track of their 1980 debut album.